Annual Report Card on Gender Equity and Leadership

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The Annual Report Card on Gender Equity and Leadership (ARC) surveys some of Canada’s top 500 companies by revenue to determine women’s standing at four levels of leadership. It is the only report that assesses Canadian data from Corporate Director to Pipeline to Leadership roles that takes an intersectional lens. This provides a unique view of progress towards advancement for women from diverse backgrounds.

Learn more about our findings by reading the reports below.

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The 2024 Annual Report Card dives deep into women’s representation across four levels of leadership in Canada. While minor progress has been made since our last report, significant gaps persist, highlighting the ongoing need for gender equity and diversity.

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Reports From Previous Years


2023 Annual Report Card

The 2023 Annual Report Card recognizes those organizations and CEOs who are leading the way in addressing ESG issues by collecting intersectional data on women’s representation at the leadership level (board, executive officer, senior management and pipeline to senior management roles).

Learn more about the findings by reading the 2023 Annual Report Card.


2022 Annual Report Card

Our 2022 Annual Report Card on Gender Diversity and Leadership: The Zero Report was published in February 2022 and reached over 84 million individuals on digital and print media.

It presented the largest-ever look at women’s representation – over 21,000 women – at the leadership level of Corporate Canada and presented intersectional data (those who identify as women and who also identify as women of colour, Indigenous, Black, 2SLGBTQIA+, and/or living with disabilities) on women in leadership roles.


2021 Annual Report Card

The Prosperity Project’s™ 2021 Annual Report Card was our country’s starting point, ground zero. It reflects our vision of zero barriers to inclusion. It is a nod to what is known as a result of disclosure by TSX-listed companies and CBCA-governed corporations subject to disclosure requirements.

Garnering 68.7 million media impressions, it shone an important light on organizations that are at the forefront of tackling gender, racial and Indigenous diversity in leadership roles through collecting intersectional data.

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