The Matching Initiative: Mothers Matter Centre

BY The Prosperity Project |
Sep 26, 2022 |
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Working towards a Canadian society where all mothers and children can achieve their full potential, the Mothers Matter Centre is a national registered charity committed to empowering and educating at-risk mothers. Consolidated into three pillars of change, the Mothers Matter Centre operates on scale, inspiration, and leadership.

Audrey, the Communications Coordinator at the Mothers Matter Centre, applied to the Matching Initiative with the hopes of developing a social media management and engagement strategy with the support of a volunteer.

The Mothers Matter Centre was quickly matched with Anika, a senior communications and fundraising professional with experience in the not-for-profit sector. Equipped with first-hand industry experience, Anika jumped into the match, starting with candid discussions about improving the Mothers Matter Centre’s social media strategy. Professional yet open, the Mothers Matter Centre and Anika quickly fostered a collaborative relationship with open communication.

“The Mothers Matter Centre is a small organization – we don’t possess the in-house communications expertise needed to develop and establish an efficient and effective social media strategy,” explained Audrey. “It was an opportunity to leverage and learn from an experienced professional not only in communications but in the not-for-profit sector as well.”

Audrey and Anika met weekly for the duration of the match to establish the social media management and engagement strategy, and after it was developed, they began implementing and executing the strategy. With Anika’s support, the Mothers Matter Centre established a partnership and joined forces with Red River College, launched a Three Weeks of Giving campaign and ran advertisements on social media to support both of these initiatives.

“It was important to me to ensure that the Mothers Matter Centre was set up for sustainable success,” said Anika. “I wanted to ensure that the strategies we developed and the processes we put in place during my time with the charity could be maintained in the long-term.”

When asked about what made the Matching Initiative different as a program, Audrey found that it was unique in its intersectionality. “It was inspiring and motivating to see a woman that looks like me in a mentorship role,” said Audrey.

With the guidance received, the Mothers Matter Centre continues to expand and improve its digital presence and maintain its partnership with Red River College. The organization is now even better equipped to continue to support and advocate for at-risk mothers and their children.