Request for Proposals: Project Evaluation Consultant

BY The Prosperity Project |
Jun 26, 2024 |


The Prosperity Project (TPP) is seeking an evaluation consultant or consultancy firm with demonstrated expertise in assessing programs aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. The selected consultant will be tasked with evaluating our three-year Impact Project, which aims to increase the representation of women in leadership roles by convening stakeholders, developing recommendations, and advocating for the adoption of recommendations. The consultant will play an important role in ensuring that program objectives are met or exceeded. The evaluation process will require a deep understanding of gender equity issues, strong analytical skills, and the ability to deliver actionable insights.
The consultant will be expected to complete an Evaluation plan by October of 2024 and complete a final evaluation at the completion of the Impact Project by May 1, 2027.

About The Prosperity Project

The Prosperity Project is a registered charity with a mission to identify the entrenched barriers an
biases than impede women’s advancement; limiting their—and Canada’s—opportunity for increased prosperity.

About the Impact Project

The Impact Project aims to expand on The Prosperity Projects existing research programs. In years one and two, we will be hosting roundtables in multiple Canadian Jurisdictions with community
organizations, corporations, government representatives, and other stakeholders. The roundtables are intended to help us create informed and relevant recommendations that can support companies in the creation of policies to advance diversity.
Following these roundtables, we will work to inform public opinion regarding the barriers women face in the quest for professional advancement, provide companies with guidelines on addressing these barriers, and encourage governments to facilitate the adoption of such guidelines.

Evaluation Needs:

The evaluation will encompass various aspects of the Impact Project, including but not limited to:

  1. Project impact: Evaluate the extent to which the project’s objectives have been achieved.
  2. Activities assessment: Assess how project activities have contributed to meeting overall
  3. Project publications: Examine recommendations documents to ensure that all recommended
    policies are inclusive and supported by data.
  4. Identify inconsistencies between expected and actual outcomes

Scope of Work:

The selected evaluation consultant will play a critical role in conducting a comprehensive evaluation of TPP’s Impact Project. The consultant will work closely with the Impact Project Manager to design and implement an evaluation framework, complete a thorough assessment, and prepare a detailed final evaluation report. The consultant’s responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Evaluation Design: Collaborate with the Impact Project Manager to develop an evaluation
    framework that aligns with the program’s objectives, outcomes, and stakeholder needs. Design
    data collection instruments, evaluation methodologies, and sampling strategies to ensure robust
    and rigorous evaluation processes.
  2. Data Collection: Provide the Impact Project manager with guidelines for collecting and storing
    data as will be required for the completion of a final report.
  3. Data Analysis: Conduct in-depth analysis of collected data to identify trends, patterns, and key
    findings related to project outcomes.
  4. Report Writing: Prepare a comprehensive evaluation report documenting the findings,
    conclusions, and recommendations arising from the evaluation process.

Proposal Requirements:

  • 5 to 7 years of experience in program evaluation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), or related
  • Demonstrated expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, data analysis,
    and report writing.
  • Sector Experience: Experience in conducting evaluations or assessments within the non-profit or social sector, preferably with a focus on leadership development, capacity-building, or
    governance initiatives.
  • Methodological Skills: Proficiency in designing and implementing evaluation frameworks,
    including developing data collection instruments, sampling strategies, and data analysis plans.
  • Familiarity with a range of evaluation methodologies, such as mixed-method approaches,
    participatory evaluation, and utilization-focused evaluation.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Experience collaborating with diverse stakeholders, including program
    staff, participants, funders, and partner organizations, to ensure stakeholder engagement and
    buy-in throughout the evaluation process.
  • Location: Located in Canada or able to work effectively with Canadian-based organizations and

Proposal Outline:

Please ensure proposals include the following:

  • Description of the Consultant/Firm and Qualifications:
  • Information about prior and current activities or projects that demonstrate the consultant’s
    capacity to fulfill the requirements of this evaluation project.
  • Proposed Approach, Methodology, Timing, and Outputs
  • Budget Breakdown and Workplan Overview
  • Present a detailed breakdown of the proposed budget, delineated by the services and major
    deliverables of the evaluation project.
  • Provide a workplan overview outlining the sequence of activities, timelines, and milestones for
    the duration of the project.
  • Include payment terms, including invoicing schedules and any applicable terms and conditions.
  • References or link to references
  • Link to Samples of Evaluation Reports or Similar Work
  • Location:Indicate the city and country in which the consultant(s) is/are based, along with any
    information relevant to their ability to effectively collaborate with Canadian-based organizations
    and stakeholders.
  • Page Limit: Ensure that the proposal does not exceed six pages in length, excluding any
    attachments or supplementary materials

Quote for Renumeration:

Consultants are to propose a detailed project budget, which should not exceed $40,000 (including tax)

Submission Instructions:

Proposals must be submitted electronically no later than July 10th, 2024, to

Please click here for a PDF version of this RFP